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MHTP trains Certified Music Practitioners to provide live, therapeutic music for patients at their bedside. Every Thursday, we bring a relaxing moment to you. #ThursdaysWithTherapeuticMusic #mhtp #twtm


Good evening.

Welcome to Thursdays with Therapeutic Music from MHTP, the Music for Healing & Transition Program.

We train and certify musicians to provide live therapeutic music, one-on-one, at a patient’s bedside.

MHTP is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. We are the oldest accredited therapeutic music training program.

My name is … and I am a graduate of MHTP, called a Certified Music Practitioner. [Add any other role you have with MHTP. Add where you work as a CMP if applicable.]

Every Thursday we offer about 20 minutes of music for your relaxation and enjoyment.

If this were a session with a patient, I would be adjusting the music in response to my patient’s reaction as I play. Obviously, I am not with a patient right now; I’m with you. What I will be offering is an example of the types of simple but beautiful music that CMPs play or sing for patients.

So settle in, close your eyes if you wish, and enjoy the music.


Thank you so much for listening to Thursdays with Therapeutic Music from MHTP, the Music for Healing & Transition Program, celebrating our 25th anniversary.

We train and certify musicians in the art and science of providing live therapeutic music for body, mind, and spirit, one-on-one at a patient’s bedside. Look for our Music In Healthcare Mondays here on Facebook to read stories about how Certified Music Practitioners touch the lives of patients, caregivers ,and healthcare staff every day.

If you enjoyed this relaxing moment, your donation is greatly appreciated to help educate the public about the need for therapeutic music in healthcare facilities.

To find out more about becoming a student, to hire a Certified Music Practitioner, to attend our biennial conference in Cambridge in June 2020, or just to learn more about therapeutic music, please visit

Thank you again, and sweet dreams.