MHTP’s Handbook for Students and Graduates gives full details of many aspects of MHTP.   Most of this information is found throughout this website, but the Handbook puts it all in one place that you can print.  The Handbook is updated every year to reflect the most current MHTP policies and procedures.

MHTP Handbook table of contents

  • Important Staff Contact Information

  • Mission & Vision Statements

  • Principles of Students, Staff, & Graduates of MHTP

  • Competencies for Certification

  • Scope of Practice of a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)

  • MHTP Code of Ethics and Conduct

  • Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Becoming an MHTP Student

  • Module Registration

  • Other Module Considerations

  • MHTP Module Overviews

  • Other Requirements for Certification

  • MHTP Advisor Program

  • What the Student Can Expect from MHTP

  • What MHTP Expects from the Student

  • Student Non-Compliance with MHTP Policies and Procedures

  • MHTP Costs & Payment Plans

  • Tuition Reduction & Scholarships

  • Tuition Refund Policy

  • Important Information for Graduates of MHTP

  • How to Get Involved & Give Back

This Handbook is essentially a legal contract between an MHTP student and MHTP.  It should be carefully read and fully understood by any applicant to or student of MHTP. 


Apply to be a student with MHTP.

If you've already been accepted, then determine your module location, and register for your next module.