Before completing the Module Registration Form, you must first:

  1. Be accepted as an MHTP student. If you have not already, then apply now.

  2. Determine the location where you are attending your next module. If you have not already, then see all module locations.

  3. Know which module you're attending next. If you are unsure, or have not read the fine print, then see the class descriptions.

  4. Pay your tuition.

  5. Determine if you owe a location fee for taking what is usually a live videoconferencing module at an on-site location (i.e., physically in person). Information about the location fee is beneath the form button.

  6. Determine if you owe a late fee for registering too late. Information about late fees is at the bottom of this page.

MHTP Module Registration Form

If you've completed the list above, then you're ready to register for your next module. 

If you do not want to register online, you can download the Module Registration Form (PDF) and follow the instructions there for how to submit.

Location Fee

This is the fee for attending a module on-site (i.e., physically in person) that is usually held via live videoconference. This fee varies per site due to different costs to MHTP per site.

Students are responsible for paying this fee when they register for Module 1, Module 3, and Module 4 at an on-site location listed on the location fee page.  

Late fee

Your Module Registration Form and payment, if payment is due, must be received by MHTP at least 30 days prior to each module. A $30 late fee is charged for module registrations received after that deadline.

First-time registrants are exempt from the late fee.

You can pay this fee online, or you can download the module registration form (PDF) and follow the instructions there.