The total cost of tuition and materials for all five MHTP modules ranges between $2,300 and $2,400, depending on which Payment Plan (detailed below) you select. 

In addition, an Application Fee of $195 must be paid at the time  of application, regardless of which payment plan you choose.  A portion of the Application Fee may be refunded if you decide not to enter the program.  Of the Application Fee, $25 is non-refundable unless you state that you can only take MHTP modules at one site and then that site is canceled.

Standard cost of tuition and materials, based on the Five Payment Plan (below), is $2,400:

Additional fees for late registration, attending a virtual class onsite, submitting your exam late, or extending your time with your advisor might also be assessed, as outlined in the Handbook. You might also have personal costs associated with travel.

Payment plans

Your total tuition and materials cost varies based on your choice of Payment Plan: 

Five Payment Plan: This is the standard—and most commonly chosen—payment plan, requiring a Tuition and Materials Fee payment every one or two months. The first payment must be made before taking the first module, and subsequent payments must be received a month before each module. Tuition and Materials Fees of $460 each for Modules 1 though 4 plus $560 for Module 5 = total cost of $2,400.

Students taking residential modules make all five payments within five months.

Otherwise, students make all five payments within ten months.

Two Payment Plan: By agreeing to two payments, you receive a $100 reduction over the Five Payment Plan cost. The first payment must be made before taking the first module and the second, final payment is due four months later. Each payment is $1,150. Tuition and Materials Fees, reduced by $100 over Five Payment Plan = total cost of $2,300.

Tuition reduction & Scholarships

Up to $200 tuition reduction is occasionally given to acknowledge advanced musical education and/or professional healthcare experience. This is determined by the Application Registrar when each application to MHTP is reviewed, and you will be promptly notified if a reduction is approved.

A limited number of scholarships, of $150 per module, may be available for MHTP students.  To be considered for a scholarship, you:

  • Must have been accepted into the Program

  • Must have made at least one tuition payment with the plans above

  • Must have satisfactorily completed one module

Each scholarship is applied as a credit toward tuition for a specific module.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need, your commitment to complete all MHTP requirements within three years after completing the first module, and the availability of MHTP scholarship funds. There is no guarantee from MHTP for the availability of scholarship funds

Scholarship applications must be received via postal mail at least 45 days before the start date of the module for which a scholarship is being requested. See the current module schedule.

To apply for a scholarship, complete the Scholarship Application. Follow the instructions on the form to submit it.  You will be notified promptly of results of your scholarship application, either by email or by postal mail no later than 30 days before the requested module date. 


Not included in the Tuition and Materials Fees of MHTP are any travel costs (e.g., transportation, food, lodging) associated with attending Modules 2 and 5, books on the required reading list, private music lessons (if required), and additional meetings with your Advisor that you might choose or be requested to have. 

Each student must make a tuition payment according to the plans above before attending the first module. A late fee of $5 per day will be added for late registration and late module payment.  Late fees are waived for students entering the first module.  You must contact MHTP’s Financial Administrator if your financial situation changes.


  • MHTP refunds advance tuition payment for modules minus any discounts given, including tuition reductions, onlyif there is an emergency or sickness that prevents a student from taking modules or applying the already-paid tuition to a later module. There is a $25 processing fee for refunds.

  • Refunds must be requested within a year of the tuition payment.

  • If the student must cancel attendance of a module for any other reason, MHTP will apply the entire tuition paid to subsequent modules at any site.

Application Fee and Payment Plan Refund Details

Application Fee:  Of the $195 Application Fee, $25 is not refundable. The remaining amount of the Application Fee is refundable only if you state in your application that you cannot travel to another site, and modules at the site for which you wish to register are canceled due to low enrollment.

Five Payment Plan:  Since payment is made only one month before each module, refunds are rarely requested. If you cannot attend a module because of emergency or illness, the amount already paid is applied to your next module taken. With advance notice of change of plans, the payment may also be transferred to another module. 

Two Payment Plan:  Once you begin taking modules, a refund will be given minus the $100 reduction for this plan (if both payments have been made), any tuition reductions, and non-refundable $25 from the Application Fee.

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