Hear students talk about concerns they had before using Zoom and their satisfaction with the method after completing Module 3

MHTP uses Zoom➚  for our live videoconference modules.

Internet and voice requirements

To attend the live videoconference modules, you will need a stable internet connection for the entire 15 hours of the module, with adequate bandwidth to support live video. 

If you use a phone to listen and talk during a module (i.e., if your computer does not have a microphone), you need enough minutes for the entire module.

If your computer’s microphone is not sufficient, or has no mic, you might choose to buy one (prices can vary from $10 and up for a computer mic).

During the module, you should be sitting so that your computer's camera and mic will allow the Teacher and other students to easily see and hear you when playing your instrument or singing.

Preparing before you register

It is your responsibility to download Zoom (at no charge to you), test it, and confirm that your system is compatible per Zoom’s specifications, that you can be seen and heard, and that you can see and hear the Teacher. This MUST be completed prior to registering for the live videoconference modules.

The links below take you to Zoom support, giving details on system requirements and instructions on how to get started and how to test your camera and microphone equipment.

You will need to sign up for a FREE account just for the purpose of testing your equipment setup. When you participate in the class you will be doing so on MHTP’s Pro Plan (at no charge to you), not your own free account.  We strongly recommend that you test your system with another person by inviting them to join you in a meeting using your free account. Use the links below to invite someone to your meeting.  This will be very helpful in determining the best position for your computer, your chair, your instrument(s), etc., so that you are ready for your videoconferencing module!

There is not time at the beginning of a module to deal with technical problems; these must be taken care of prior to the module, by testing out your system and setup in advance.  No refunds will be issued if you fail to confirm your system’s compatibility or your system does not work properly during a module.

Etiquette during the module

Please keep your microphone on mute (icon is at the lower left of the Zoom screen) unless you are speaking. This will alleviate echo and extraneous noise for everyone.

If you have questions, just ask them at an appropriate time in the discussion (there is no “raise hand” function on Zoom).

During general discussions, feel free to turn mute off and join in the discussion.

It is VERY important to close any unnecessary programs, e.g., email, internet browser, which will take bandwidth and compete with the Zoom signal for transmission of data and cause you to have unstable Zoom signals.

In advance of the module, it is also very important to plan how you will play your instrument or sing while in front of your computer so that students and the Teacher can see and hear you while you play or sing.  Pay attention to both sound and sight; you should be near enough to your mic that your music can be easily heard over Zoom, and you should be positioned so that students and Teacher can see you and your instrument.

Set up your space for the module in a quiet, non-distracting environment. Since everyone will be at their own homes during the videoconference, please be sure other people or pets (!) will not come into the camera's view (pretty distracting—everyone will want to know,  Who is that?) and try to avoid background noise. Disconnect, turn off, or silence all phones and remove any other sources of sound.

If you are dropped from the videoconference, use the link provided in the original email invitation to the videoconference and log back in immediately.  Text, email, or call the Teacher’s cell phone if you are unable to log back in.

Download these guidelines in a PDF