MHTP is committed to identifying and promoting research that provides accurate, reproducible examples of the effectiveness of live therapeutic music that can be used to support the needs of Certified Music Practitioners and their patients.

Research Abstracts

General research on the benefits of music:

Research with more specific areas:

Therapeutic Music Data Collection

It is imperative that, prior to using this form to collect any data, the therapeutic musician obtains appropriate permissions for its use from each healthcare organization in which this form will be used. 

MHTP has created a form intended for use by CMPs and any other therapeutic musicians offering live music at bedside, to document CMPs' experiences at bedside.  Data collected via this form are used by MHTP to determine trends related to observed patient responses to live therapeutic music.  These trends can then be used to help generate scientifically-testable hypotheses for empirical research in the field of live therapeutic music.

MHTP Therapeutic Music Data Collection Form (PDF)

Data Collection Form Instructions (PDF)

What can I do?

If you could make a goal of providing just one completed data collection form each month, that would help us collect 12 more forms a year. Multiply that by each of our graduates, and that becomes thousands of new data points, all starting with one form from you each month.

If you would like to donate some of your time and serve on the Research Committee, please contact

We appreciate donations to the MHTP Research Fund.  Donations to MHTP are tax-deductible.