Graduation requirements listed below are more or less in order of required completion.  A condensed version of this list is handed out in Module 1 to be used as a checklist to help you track completion toward graduation requirements.  The Handbook for Students and Graduates gives additional details, and each of these requirements is discussed in depth during classes.

Completion of All Required MODULes

All modules must be satisfactorily completed before beginning your Independent Practicum.  Modules 1, 2, and 3 must be completed before you can attend Module 4, which must be completed before taking Module 5.  At least seven months must elapse between your taking Module 1 and the beginning of Module 5.  MHTP will not allow any exceptions to this ordering of classes or this time frame.

Required Reading/Book REVIEWS

You must choose two books from selections listed in the current Handbook for Students and Graduates for each of the five modules.   (Note that for Module 2, one of the two books is required. You must read the required book, plus one other from Module 2’s list.)  To enhance your learning experience, both books must be read before each module, with the exception of your first module.  A brief, 300-word review of each book must be sent, before each module, to your Advisor.  In this review, you might discuss, for example, what was learned from the book. Was it exciting, enlightening, inspiring?  What was useful (or not)? Would you recommend it to others?

Note: The views expressed in these books do not necessarily reflect the views or teachings of MHTP, and MHTP does not always agree with all content of these books.

All ten book reviews must be submitted and approved by your Advisor before you can begin your Independent Practicum.


This required written exam covers information from all five modules.  The exam is provided through Google Forms, but it is not necessary to have a Google account or email to access the exam.  You take the exam as soon as possible after completion of all modules.  You must pass the exam and complete all coursework before starting your Independent Practicum.  The exam is "open book"; you may use any notes, handouts, readings, etc. from all modules.  You are not permitted to consult with any other CMPs, MHTP students, or their Advisor about this exam at any time.

When you have completed all modules, you inform your Advisor.  The Advisor reviews your module evaluations to ensure you have satisfactorily completed all module requirements.  The Advisor then contacts the Advisor Administrator, who requests that the Program Director provide exam access to you through an invitation email link from the Program Director.  The email link will direct you to Google Forms, where detailed instructions for the exam are given.  You complete and submit the exam through Google Forms.  You have 30 days after receipt of the exam to complete and submit it on-line. If there is a problem with accessing or using Google Forms, you should contact the Program Director for assistance.

After reviewing the exam, the Exam Administrator sends it to your Advisor and the Advisor Administrator.  You must make any needed corrections before receiving approval from your Advisor to begin your Independent Practicum.  If there are so many errors that you have failed the exam (35% of the answers wrong), further student will be required (to be determined on a case-by-case basis) before beginning your Independent Practicum.

Repertoire List

A written list of therapeutic music you play/sing must be completed before beginning your Independent Practicum.  This list must be organized according to the patient conditions and therapeutic music types taught in the MHTP modules.  At least 90 minutes of playing/singing must be learned (but not memorized) and practiced regularly for the patient conditions.

The list may include music that can be lengthened through repetition or improvisation. Some overlap may occur from one type of music to another. After completion of all modules, the list must be sent to your Advisor, who will assess it before your Independent Practicum begins.

Pre-Independent Practicum Interview with Advisor

You must have a mandatory phone interview with your Advisor before beginning your Independent Practicum.  You will be asked to play/sing for all patient conditions and to answer some questions to determine readiness for your Independent Practicum.

Independent Practicum

The Independent Practicum is an unpaid, independent study at approved facilities. All aspects of the Practicum are covered in detail in Module 4. Students are not allowed to “shadow” an existing CMP. 

This is a partial list of healthcare facilities that have welcomed MHTP students while completing their Independent Practicums:

  • Alabama (Birmingham) – Cooper Green Hospital
  • Arizona(Flagstaff) – Flagstaff Medical Center
  • California (San Jose) – O'Connor Hospital
  • Colorado (Aurora) – Children's Hospital
  • Colorado (Denver) – North Suburban Hospital
  • Colorado (Denver) – St. Anthony’s Central – Denver
  • Connecticut (Danbury) – Danbury Hospital
  • Florida (St. Petersburg) – Bon Secours Maria Manor
  • Florida (St. Petersburg) – St. Anthony’s Hospital
  • Florida (Tampa) – Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Florida (Tampa) – Tampa General Hospital
  • Georgia (Atlanta) – Northside Hospital
  • Indiana (Evansville) – St. Mary's Medical Center
  • Indiana (Indianapolis) – Methodist Hospital Clarian Health
  • Indiana (Indianapolis) – St. Vincent's Hospital
  • Maryland (Anne Arundel) – Anne Arundel General Hospital
  • Maryland (Baltimore) – Mercy Hospital
  • Maryland (Baltimore) – University of Maryland Medical Center
  • Michigan (Ann Arbor) – University of Michigan Medical Center
  • New Hampshire (Concord) – Concord Hospital
  • New Jersey (Livingston) - St. Barnabas Medical Center
  • New York (Hudson) – Columbia-Memorial Hospital
  • New York (Peekskill) – Phelps Hospice
  • Pennsylvania (Lancaster) – Hospice of Lancaster County
  • Virginia (Charlottesville) – University of Virginia Medical Center
  • Washington (Federal Way) – St. Francis Hospital
  • Washington (Seattle) – Highline Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Washington (Seattle) – Providence Medical Center

For graduation, 45 hours of clinical experience in approved medical facilities/settings are required.  The 45 hours of Independent Practicum consist ONLY of actual playing/singing time at the bedside, not time spent walking from room to room, writing patient logs, talking with patients and medical staff, taking breaks, etc.  A typical therapeutic music session lasts 20 to 30 minutes; therefore, an MHTP student typically plays/sings for 100 to 120 patients during the Practicum. 

MHTP requires that all 45 hours be done one-on-one with individual patients.  If this is not possible, at least 30 Practicum hours must be one-on-one, and up to 15 hours, with Advisor's pre-approval, may be for small groups of no more than three patients as long as each patient can be separately observed and documented. 

At least 20 hours of the Practicum must be completed in a hospital.  You are encouraged to experience playing/singing in a variety of departments during your hours in a hospital.

You are required to complete all five modules, sign the MHTP Scope of Practice and the Code of Ethics and Conduct, submit all ten book reviews, submit the Repertoire List, successfully complete the MHTP Exam, and have a Pre-Independent Practicum Interview with your Advisor before beginning the Independent Practicum.  Your Advisor and Module 5 teacher determine if your musical skills are adequate for you to proceed to Practicum. As in Module 5, some health care facilities/settings may have medical requirements for students doing their Independent Practicum (e.g., proof of vaccinations and/or TB tests). Getting the vaccination records/titers, and Hep. B series may take as much as nine months. It is your responsibility to determine and comply with any such requirements for each of your Independent Practicum sites. Be advised that many sites will also require drug testing and require background checks.

The Handbook for Students and Graduates gives further details about Independent Practicum requirements.

Patient Logs during Independent Practicum

You must document all Practicum hours by completing one MHTP Patient Log for each patient.  (Covered in detail in Module 4.)

You must send Patient Logs to your Advisor within a week of playing/singing for patients during the course of the Independent Practicum, in batches of no more than 10, with an updated Cumulative Hours Form. Your Advisor reviews each Patient Log and gives you feedback on any needed changes. Only after the Advisor has approved a Log can the time on it be applied to the 45 hours required for the Practicum.

Failure to submit Logs appropriately throughout your Independent Practicum or to follow your Advisor’s feedback will result in rejected Independent Practicum hours. You must keep in close touch with your Advisor during the Independent Practicum. You are strongly encouraged to submit Logs electronically. 

You may not use more than three visits to one patient toward Independent Practicum hours unless given special permission by your Advisor.

On-site Liaison Form

Upon completion of Independent Practicum hours at each facility, an On-site Liaison Form  must be completed by your liaison (usually your supervisor) at the facility and be sent by the On-site Liaison directly to the Advisor Administrator to assess your performance, in that facility’s envelope or through that facility’s email program (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. addresses are not accepted for electronic submission of this form). Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to the Independent Practicum hours obtained at a facility being discounted and additional Independent Practicum hours required.  (Covered in detail in Module 4.)

Responsibilities of the student to Independent Practicum facilities include:

  • You must act in a responsible and professional manner, such as arriving on time, dressing appropriately, being prepared, and interacting well with the staff.
  • You must display the ability to be compassionate and caring with patients and families.
  • You must adhere to all policies and procedures of the facility.
  • You must adhere to the MHTP Scope of Practice and the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Graduation Recording

This is a CD or other easily accessible format (agreed upon with your Advisor), no longer than 30 minutes, with sufficient sound quality so that the music is clearly discernible.  The recording is to demonstrate your ability in and understanding of therapeutic music as taught in MHTP modules, rather than the extent of your repertoire.  The recording must equally include music of all patient conditions as taught by MHTP.  Improvisation may be used in part as long as understanding and ability are demonstrated in each patient condition. 

The recording must be labeled with your name and you must submit a list of its contents, including separate conditions and titles of pieces in each.

The recording and list must be sent to your Advisor after completion of the Independent Practicum. Your Advisor will approve the recording or discuss with you any changes that may be needed. 

The recording must include and demonstrate proficiency in all instruments/voice in which you wish to be certified. All instruments must also have been assessed by one or more Teachers during modules, approved by your Advisor during the Pre-Independent Practicum Interview, and used equally during the Independent Practicum.

Final Summary

This one-page report summarizes your experiences with MHTP, including what was learned, a description of your own self-nurturing practices, and especially any constructive criticism or feedback for improving the Program.  It may be more than one page. You should send your Final Summary Report to your Advisor and MHTP at (


Self-Nurturing.  Students are required to practice daily some form of self-nurturing, such as meditation, guided imagery, journaling, exercise (e.g., walking, running, Tai Chi, yoga, aerobics), or whatever best suits each individual.  This is for stress management, self-discovery, and the well-being that is essential in doing effective healing work.  Your Advisor may be able to recommend self-nurturing practices.

Music Lessons. If you are not yet musically ready to play or sing for patients, lessons with a teacher are required.  This decision will be made by MHTP Teachers and staff during your course of study.  If you are uncertain whether or not  lessons are needed, the MHTP staff (Advisor, Teachers) will help determine this.  You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own lessons.

Extensions for Program Completion

MHTP prefers that a student complete the Program in two years and requires that it be completed within three years from the date of the first module attended.  If you are approaching the three-year completion deadline and are unable to complete the Program, you must request an extension from your Advisor at least two weeks prior to the deadline and also complete a Six-Month Extension Form, which will be reviewed by the Advisor Administrator.  You must pay $100 for each extension directly to your Advisor once the extension is approved.  A maximum of two six-month extensions may be requested.  If you still have not completed the Program after two extensions (i.e., one year), you are required to re-apply to the Program and meet any new requirements, which may include repeating modules.

Final Approval and Certification

When you have satisfactorily

  • completed all modules; 
  • submitted all book reviews, MHTP Exam, Repertoire List, Independent Practicum hours and all Patient Logs, On-site Liaison Forms, Graduation Recording, and Final Summary; 
  • and have received a favorable evaluation interview report from your Advisor,

the Graduation Administrator advises Directors to approve and issue your Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) certificate.

This certificate indicates to healthcare professionals that you have the clinical and musical knowledge necessary to effectively and competently do CMP work.  MHTP certification is restricted to only the instrument(s)/voice used during your module training, Clinical Practicum, and Independent Practicum.

Upon graduation, you will receive a CMP pin, certificate, and post-graduation information.

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