MHTP’s Advisor Program provides each student with professional guidance throughout the student’s MHTP training. 

Your MHTP Advisor

An Advisor guides you through the Program, and helps ensure that you complete all certification requirements in a timely fashion.  The Advisor Administrator assigns an Advisor after your application has been approved by the Application Registrar.  All Advisors are qualified CMPs who work with the Advisor Administrator, Area Coordinators, and MHTP teachers for the well-being and timely progression through the Program for each student.  With the exception of registration materials and the on-line Google Forms Module Exam, you send all materials to your Advisor for review.

The Application Fee submitted with your Student Application pays for the Advisor’s initial phone consultation and guidance throughout your study.  If additional meetings are needed, the cost is determined by the Advisor and you and, because of your Advisor's extra work, is paid by you directly to your Advisor.

Advisors have responsibilities to their Advisees.  Similarly, student Advisees have responsibilities to their Advisor and MHTP, as detailed in the Handbook for Students and Graduates.

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