Students of MHTP and CMPs must understand, sign, and strictly adhere to the MHTP Code of Ethics and Conduct for our profession.

MHTP Code of Ethics AND Conduct

As a student or graduate of the Music for Healing & Transition Program, Inc. I agree to conduct myself in accordance with the following principles:

  • I will conduct live therapeutic music sessions consistent with the process and curriculum as developed and taught by the Music for Healing & Transition Program.
  • I will perform my work as a Certified Music Practitioner with integrity, always keeping the interest of the patient I am serving as my priority.
  • I will obtain the patient’s and/or family’s/caregiver’s permission for a therapeutic music session or obtain permission from facility staff members. 
  • I will respect the patient’s rights and dignity, providing therapeutic music based upon each patient’s unique needs and with respect for individual patient differences.
  • I will keep my interactions with people non-exploitive and will not discriminate against any patient based on nationality, race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, or status. 
  • I will work harmoniously with nurses, physicians, and other members of the patient’s healthcare team and staff in those facilities where I serve.
  • I will hold all information shared during a therapeutic music session as confidential and uphold all HIPAA requirements.  I will refrain from incorporating other healing modalities into my therapeutic music sessions unless I have the qualifications to do so and unless I have the patient’s and/or the family’s/caregiver’s permission.
  • I will refrain from proselytizing my religious beliefs through choice of music or speech during a therapeutic music session.
  • I will refrain from discussing my personal problems or issues with those seeking my professional services.
  • I will strengthen my abilities as a Certified Music Practitioner through continuing practice, education, and mentoring from my peers.
  • I will be supportive of fellow Certified Music Practitioners. I will not infringe upon the intellectual property of MHTP and will not inappropriately use any copyrighted materials from the MHTP curriculum, nor will I teach MHTP copyrighted materials to others. 

The MHTP Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes to the Program, including but not limited to: policy, procedure, and curriculum at any time. Changes are typically made after each Annual Meeting of the Directors. Should any changes occur, staff, students, and graduates will be informed of such via electronic communication: posting to the MHTP website, List Serve, and/or electronic newsletter.

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