The Program Director is responsible for assisting the Executive Director in overall organization and operational management of the MHTP student instruction program. The Program Director serves as the supervisor and liaison between student instruction staff, Board of Directors, and Executive Director.

The position of Program Director is a part-time staff position filled through an annual contract with MHTP. The contract is renewable annually indefinitely based on availability of funds and favorable performance and evaluations. The majority of the work is administrative and may be accomplished from the incumbent’s home. Some travel may be required, funded by MHTP.

MHTP is an equal opportunity employer. MHTP prohibits discrimination in all of its programs and activities on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Student Instruction Program Management

  • Works with the ED and Board to develop short-term and long-term operational plans for the student instruction program.
  • Works closely with Area Coordinators to schedule class dates, assign teachers, market/recruit students, assist in any other facility or special needs, Area Coordinator meetings.
  • Proactively searches for additional module sites, partnerships with other organizations, locations for full onsite modules
  • Works closely with Teachers in scheduling classes and curriculum needs, teacher meetings.
  • Works with ED and Board to assess and improve the MHTP curriculum on an annual basis during the annual Board meeting.
  • Responsible for all aspects of annual curriculum review, working closely with all teachers. Provides to the Board and ED at the annual meeting any changes that need Board approval. Monitors teachers’ feedback and provides for any critical changes to curriculum materials during the year. 
  • Evaluates and proposes ways to make curriculum delivery more effective and grows the ability of MHTP to reach other students markets, e.g. international students, students in rural areas in the United States, under-represented groups.
  • Provides and/or oversees the preparation of all administrative documents, Curriculum Guides and materials.
  • Responsible for managing the non-administrative portions of the Continuing Education program (reviewing requests for granting CEUs for non-MHTP programs, assisting individuals requesting to partner with MHTP for CEU program offerings, proactively working with other MHTP staff and Board to design MHTP CEU opportunities).

Provide Supervision

  • Directly supervises the following student instruction staff: Area Coordinators, Teachers, Advisor Administrator (this position directly supervises Advisors), Module Exam Administrator, and any other staff as assigned.
  • Works with ED to maintain a competent and effective student instruction staff (maintaining personnel documents, recruitment, hiring, staff training and development, performance evaluation, corrective action as needed).
  • Provides leadership to staff through effective objective setting, delegation, and regular communication.

Assist the Executive Director

  • Assists the ED as needed in marketing and Advertising related to student instruction and other areas (e.g., newsletter input, review of ads).
  • Assist the ED with other duties as necessary and/or designated by the ED.

Application Process

Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and list of three professional references (Name, Affiliation, and Email Address for each reference) to the MHTP Executive Director, John Wyble: