This position is closed as of July 28, 2019.

Program Coordinator Job Announcement

MHTP is currently seeking to fulfill a contract role with the organization as Program Coordinator. We are seeking candidates with office, communications, and program coordination experience. Specifically, skills and experiences in data management systems, Microsoft Office programs, and QuickBooks are preferred.

The Program Coordinator is a contract position with the potential to be renewed annually. Annual compensation for this contract is $15,000 to be paid monthly, on the 15th, in the amount of $1,250. The Contractor is expected to devote 25 hours weekly to achieve the deliverables of the contract, with some established weekly hours dedicated to MHTP.

Candidates must have, or be willing to establish, a fully functional home office as the work is performed from a remote setting. Approved office expenses will be reimbursed by MHTP.

Requirements for Application

The following materials are to be submitted electronically, to the MHTP Executive Director (see “Application Process” below):

  • Brief cover letter.

  • Resume.

  • Your written responses summarizing your experiences and/or skills for each of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) listed below. Address each of the KSAs individually.

Application Process

This position is closed as of July 28, 2019.

Applicants will be rated based on their qualifications for this position as shown by the education, experience, and training on your resume and your responses to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs). Paid and unpaid experience will be considered. Please be specific and detailed in responses to the KSAs.


Generally, Contractor shall demonstrate experience, knowledge, and skill with electronic information management platforms; Microsoft Office; and QuickBooks.

  1. Extensive knowledge, experience and skill using all types of electronic communication, data management, and other programs; i.e., Word, Excel, Google programs, Zoom Video Conferencing, Dropbox, QuickBooks, virtual phone and mail service, and social media platforms

  2. Ability to complete, in a timely manner, all administrative tasks as described in this Job Description, and as assigned by the Supervisor. Ability to have some flexibility in job schedule as needed.

  3. Knowledgeable about MHTP policies, procedures, and history, ability to keep up to date on changes as issued by the MHTP Board of Directors and Executive Director. Ability to completely support the MHTP mission and policies.

  4. Ability to work collaboratively with the Executive Director, Program Director, Financial Administrator, and others in a professional manner, with flexibility as needed.

  5. Demonstrated skill in organizing, writing, and oral communication.

Program Coordinator Job Description

The Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc. (MHTP)® is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) international educational organization which trains and certifies musicians to provide live therapeutic music, for the purpose of creating healing environments for the ill and/or dying, and all who may benefit. Graduates of MHTP are Certified Music Practitioners (CMP)®.

The position of Program Coordinator is a contract position, with the potential to be renewed annually.


A. Administrative Operational Coordination

  • Works with Executive Director (ED), Program Director (PD) and other contractors to maintain and update the MHTP website information, social media accounts, Standard Operating Procedures, MHTP Handbook, MHTP Yahoo Group, other policy and administrative documents and database.

  • Organizes electronic, and hard copy as required, administrative and student files, and records as necessary and stores specific files for required number of years as appropriate. Keeps track of changes and updates made across all documents to assure consistency and most up-to-date information is available.

  • Works with assigned contractor to ensure all students are up to date in tuition payments before attending modules and/or graduating

  • Provides to the ED and PD data necessary for all reports as requested.

  • Prepares MHTP marketing and educational materials and supplies as needed for conferences and other outreach activities. Coordinates shipping of those supplies when necessary to MHTP personnel staffing any conference site activities.

  • Orders, tracks, stores, and provides MHTP logo and other sales products to Area Coordinators and other sales venues.

  • Composes and prints routine correspondence approved through the ED and PD, uses MHTP templates for specific types of correspondence, mails out correspondence and other items.

B. Administrative Coordination of Educational Program

  • Responds to all phone, mail and electronic requests for information about MHTP’s training program in a timely manner. Refers inquiries to other staff when necessary.

  • Provides administrative functions to the PD for all registrar functions, e.g. send to students the Acceptance/Welcome Packet, create student application summary, file and distribute to the appropriate staff, tracks module registrations and updates appropriate staff.

  • Maintains all Education Program student files online through MHTP’s file sharing program.

  • Completes all administrative aspects of the graduation process of students, e.g. anticipating graduation through Practicum 20-hour form for ordering of MHTP pins and CMP name tags, creates and sends graduation packets to new graduates, updates MHTP contact database and CMP website directory.

  • Provides all administrative functions as for the CEU program: forwards to PD any questions received from CMPs, provides the required re-certification certificates, updating CMP directory on website and for CMP’s CEU status.

C.   Collaboration with other MHTP Contractors and the Public

  • Works with the ED, PD, and other MHTP contractors as necessary.

  • Works with prospective and current students, MHTP graduates, medical staff, other therapeutic music program personnel, advertising staff, etc.


See the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) required for the incumbent listed above.


  • The MHTP Program Coordinator is supervised primarily by the Program Director, but also works closely with the Executive Director regarding fiscal and administrative duties.


  • Written guidelines include the MHTP Standard Operating Procedures, MHTP Board policies and directives, MHTP Handbook.

  • Additional guidelines and directives may be distributed via emails, phone conversations, and direct communication from the Supervisor.

PDF of Program Coordinator Job Description

This position is closed as of July 28, 2019.

Applicants will be rated based on their qualifications for this position as shown by the education, experience, and training on your resume and your responses to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs). Paid and unpaid experience will be considered. Please be specific and detailed in responses to the KSAs.

MHTP is an equal opportunity employer. MHTP prohibits discrimination in all of its programs and activities on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.