The application deadline has passed. 

Module 5 Teacher Job Announcement

MHTP is specifically looking for someone who lives in the western portion of the US or Canada (west of the Rockies) to make the teaching and travel for this module easier on the teacher, and more efficient for MHTP.  But others are encouraged to apply, also.

MHTP Teachers are employed as independent contractors on an annual contract, with eligibility for annual renewal. Reimbursement for Module 5 Teachers is $1,050.00 per module (plus $150.00 travel time/loss of wages compensation for travel of four hours or more). Teachers instruct an average of three to five modules per year. The majority of the work is that of teaching in a non-traditional, adult classroom setting. 

Extensive travel is required; all travel expenses for teaching, once the training period is completed, are paid for by MHTP.

Module 5 Teachers need the following experiences and qualifications as prerequisites for applying:

  • Must be a medical professional (RN, MD, DO, other licensed medical professional etc.) with varied hospital and hospice experience.

  • Must have substantial experience in the field as a CMP and at the time of initial contract with MHTP must be a working CMP.

  • Must be able to communicate and work confidently, with healthcare staff.

  • Must be able to work with singers and students who play different instruments in the context of the module curriculum.

  • Must have experience in the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities factors (listed below).

Following selection as a new MHTP teacher is a training process; all expenses related to the training are covered by the teacher-in-training. This training includes the following activities:

  • Read all books for the assigned module and write a short book report on each.

  • Observe the assigned module being taught by a current MHTP Teacher (once or twice, depending on MHTP staff assessment).

  • Teach the assigned module, without pay or reimbursement for expenses, while being observed by an experienced Teacher.

  • Receive a favorable recommendation from the observing Teacher, Area Coordinator, and Program Director.

  • Agree to, and sign, the MHTP Teacher Contract and performance standards (reviewed for renewal each year, based on fully successful performance evaluations).

Requirements for Application

The following materials are to be submitted electronically, in three separate documents, to the MHTP Acting Faculty Administrator (see “Application Process” below):

  • Your current resume. Include details of therapeutic music positions, medical profession experience and teaching positions you have held.

  • Your written responses explaining how you have gained the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) listed below. Address each of the KSAs individually.

  • Your written response to the following: “Please reflect on and tell us why you would like to become a teacher for MHTP.”

Application Process

The application deadline has passed.

Applicants will be rated based on their qualifications for this position as shown by the education, experience, and training on your resume and your responses to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Paid and unpaid experience will be considered.


Fully knowledgeable about MHTP policies, procedures, and history, and keeps up to date on changes as issued by the MHTP Board of Directors. Ability to completely support the MHTP mission, policies, and teaching requirements.

  1. Fully knowledgeable about MHTP mission, policies, procedures, and history, and keeps up to date on changes as issued by the MHTP Board of Directors. Ability to completely support MHTP’s mission, policies, and teaching and positively represent MHTP in the classroom. 

  2. Ability to completely understand and implement Module 5 curriculum, including any audio-visual teaching tools and required readings. 

  3. Extensive first-hand knowledge of playing as a CMP at the bedside of patients in medical facilities and the ability to share those experiences as appropriate in the classroom setting. 

  4. Extensive knowledge and ability to explain and demonstrate, and practice as a CMP, MHTP’s core teaching principles: Unitative Listening, MHTP’s unique patient conditions/types of music, and musical improvisation methods. Ability to explain and musically demonstrate each condition/music type. 

  5. First-hand knowledge of working as a medical professional (RN, MD, DO, other medical professional) in a hospital and/or hospice. Ability to communicate and work collaboratively and confidently with healthcare staff. 

  6. Demonstrated abilities and experience in teaching the adult learner; knowledge of key adult learning and teaching concepts. 

  7. Ability to complete, in a timely manner, all administrative tasks as described in this Job Description, as assigned by Supervisor, and as in Teacher’s Guide and Teacher Contract. 

  8. Ability to work collaboratively with the Program Director, Area Coordinators, and other MHTP staff in a professional, courteous manner, with flexibility as needed. 

  9. Ability to work well under stress to creatively and calmly solve unexpected problems.

Faculty Job Description Module 5

The Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization which trains and certifies musicians to provide live therapeutic music, for the purpose of creating healing environments for the ill and/or dying, and all who may benefit.  MHTP philosophy recognizes music as a therapeutic enhancement to the healing process and the life/death transition.  Graduates of MHTP are Certified Music Practitioners (CMP)®.  MHTP collaborates with healthcare facilities and community organizations to educate about, and promote research in, the effectiveness of therapeutic music.

The position of Module 5 Teacher is an annual, part-time contract position, with the potential to be renewed annually. The majority of the work is that of teaching in a non-traditional, adult classroom setting.  Extensive travel is required, reimbursed by MHTP.


A.  Implementing MHTP Policies

  • Acts as an advocate and ambassador for MHTP. Fully supports verbally and written word the policies, decisions and actions of the MHTP Board of Directors and staff.

  • Keeps up-to-date on MHTP policies as communicated by the Supervisor, the current MHTP Handbook, MHTP website information, and current Teacher’s Guide.

  • Answers students’ MHTP policy questions; refers student questions to the appropriate MHTP representative.

  • Follows all requirements in the MHTP Teacher Contract.

B.  Classroom Instruction

  • Responsible for pre-class preparations, e.g., contacting Area Coordinator (AC) for coordination of classroom needs, travel arrangements, audio-visual needs, copying, and mailing all handout materials, preparing all customizable pages, etc.

  • Prepares thoroughly for teaching assignments through review of MHTP curriculum, preparation and organization of teacher materials, classroom and audiovisual materials, student readings, other teacher aids, musical demonstrations, preparation to handle students’ questions on all curriculum material and books, and creating personal instructional notes based on feedback from teaching previous modules.

  • Follows, and uses only, the official MHTP curriculum as indicated in the current MHTP Teacher’s Guide for the assigned module. Uses only the official MHTP PowerPoint and handouts that are in the current Teacher’s Guide. May suggest additions to PowerPoint for all teachers of the specific module to use if approved. Requests and acquires pre-approval to use any major teaching modalities/tools that are not in the current Teacher’s Guide.

  • Covers the entire lesson plan and materials in the current Teacher’s Guide for each class.

  • Employs adult-learning principles and techniques in teaching, leading class activities, and providing feedback to students. Keeps class flow constant, handles any difficult situations with students’ behavior and attitudes. Any conflicts that cannot be resolved are discussed and acted on in consultation with the MHTP Program Director and other appropriate MHTP staff.

  • Writes student assessments and provides copies to student and student’s Advisor as required in the current Teacher’s Guide.

  • Reviews module evaluations after each class and provides feedback to Program Director on ideas for improving teacher’s practices after each class.

  • Responsible for remaining up-to-date on all books for the assigned module and all other changes in curriculum

C.   Assistance in Curriculum Development

  • Keeps track of any changes, corrections, and suggestions for improving the curriculum, based on personal observations and assessment, as well as comments from module evaluations of each class; conveys these to Program Director during the annual Teacher’s Guide revisions.

  • Attends any required teacher meetings for curriculum development and improvement via telephone conference call.

D.   Administrative

  • Completes, sends, and files, as appropriate, all student assessments, invoices, curriculum review requests, travel arrangements, applicable tax forms, and other administrative requirements within time frames specified in the MHTP Teacher Contract and/or Teacher’s Guide, and/or set by the Supervisor.

  • Works cooperatively on administrative tasks with Area Coordinators, other teachers, Program Director, Executive Director, and MHTP Board of Directors as appropriate.

  • Attends the MHTP Biennial conference at least once in a four-year period, including the Teacher’s Retreat/Enrichment Day when offered.

  • Attends virtual teacher teleconferences as scheduled.


See the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) required for the incumbent listed above.


  • The MHTP Module 5 teacher is supervised by the MHTP Program Director.

  • Second-line supervision is provided by the MHTP Executive Director.


  • Written guidelines include the MHTP Standard Operating Procedures, MHTP Board policies and directives, MHTP Handbook, and the MHTP Teacher’s Guide, which is the only official MHTP approved curriculum.

  • Additional guidelines and directives may be distributed via emails, phone conversations, and direct communication from the Supervisor.

  • Teacher behavioral and instruction techniques generally accepted by the profession of teaching adult learners also serve as guidelines.

PDF of Faculty Job Description Module 5

The application deadline has passed.

Applicants will be rated based on their qualifications for this position as shown by the education, experience, and training on your resume and your responses to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Paid and unpaid experience will be considered.

MHTP is an equal opportunity employer. MHTP prohibits discrimination in all of its programs and activities on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.