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Module 5: Alterations in Health | Care of the Dying | Clinical Practicum

  • Kaiser Roseville 1660 East Roseville Parkway Roseville, CA, 95661 United States (map)

This is part of the MHTP core curriculum. Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 must be completed before taking this Module. Additionally, a minimum of seven months must elapse between the student's first Module and the date of Module 5. For more details, learn more about registering for classes.

Introduction to Clinical Practicum & Care of the Dying (9 hours)

This is an introduction to, and experience of, clinical work in a nursing home, hospice, or hospital setting. Students will be oriented to clinical work in a healthcare facility, and will learn about infection control, safety, healthcare institution policies, advance care directives, Do Not Resuscitate orders, ethics, legal documents, confidentiality policies, insurance issues, patient privileges, and issues for healthcare choices. This will help a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) understand end-of-life choices made by patient families. 

The second session of this class continues with exploration of palliative care issues, including expectations of the dying, survivors, and medical staff. A critical part of this class is discussion of issues students might have with care of the dying, including grief, signs and symptoms of approaching death, gifts the dying may offer, and coping with stress, loss, and death. Appropriate musical repertoire will be reviewed.

Alterations in Health (5 hours)

This is an introduction to major diseases and injuries, symptoms, and treatments, as well as commonly used medications and how they affect the body, mind, and behavior, and awareness of a patient. This knowledge helps a CMP understand a patient’s response to therapeutic music, and helps with selection of appropriate music for that patient and patient condition.

Clinical Practicum (6 hours)

During this critical session, each student will play/sing for patients under the supervision of their instructor, Area Coordinator, and/or experienced CMP. Post-clinical discussion and evaluation will be held. 

Pre-work for Module 5

  • Students are required to watch "Being Mortal."

  • You will also be given a quiz to get you thinking about discussion points ahead of the class. It is at the discretion of the teacher whether to require that you complete and return the quiz to the teacher one week prior to the first day of class.

  • Contact the Area Coordinator (information below) regarding any immunizations or other preparations needed for the clinical practicum at this location. 

  • And, as always, keep up with your reading. Read any two books from the Module 5 list in the MHTP Handbook.

Important considerations for module registration

A student must register for each Module at least one month in advance of the Module date. There is a $30 late fee for registrations and tuition payments after the one month deadline, except for first-time registrations. Please also note that MHTP classes are limited to 15 students so that our Teachers can best serve our students. Submitting an application well in advance of the scheduled Modules will ensure your place in the program.

Questions about registering for Module 5 in Sacramento, CA? Contact the Area Coordinator:
Elizabeth Bogdanovich, CMP