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Repertoire Development Webinar: International Familiar Repertoire

In our multi-cultural society, it can be very meaningful and comforting to play a familiar piece from someone's native country.  Let us share what we have learned from other countries—beyond American and Celtic repertoire, which is easy to source. In this workshop we'll be sharing well-known songs from different countries—especially from Asia, the Middle Easter, Africa, and Latin America—that are useful for therapeutic music. Expand your own repertoire by being a part of this community of CMPs and MHTP students.

Each webinar lasts two hours via the videoconference platform Zoom. (See instructions for using Zoom.) Hear examples from your community of fellow CMPs or MHTP students. Share your best examples, and hear feedback. This webinar is moderated by Karen Ashbrook, CMP.

CMPs earn 2 CEUs.

Karen Ashbrook, CMP, is a well-known hammered dulcimer teacher and performer. She lived in Europe for two years and Asia for three years, and she maintains strong ties to friends and family in several countries. Based in the Washington, D.C., area, Karen works as a CMP at the Georgetown Med-Star Hospital and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She has learned many international tunes from her patients. She is on the Board of the Cimbalom (Dulcimer) World Association, which holds conferences biennially in different countries. Karen has a classical music background and is comfortable instructing mixed instruments. 

Important notices you agree to:

  1. Webinar registration form and payment must be received by MHTP at least 7 days prior to each webinar.

  2. I must participate in the webinar by playing/demonstrating appropriate repertoire.

  3. I must provide the facilitator examples (names and source if known) of repertoire for the webinar’s topic. Facilitator will notify me about sending this information.

  4. I will set up a free Zoom account for the webinar (Facilitator will send instructions).

  5. I must complete the class evaluation form at the end of the webinar to receive all take-home information.

If you have a request for a type of repertoire that you would like to gain more experience on, please email the MHTP Program Director.

Cancellation: If MHTP cancels a webinar because of too few participants (less than 4) or any other reason, all participants will be notified via email and will receive a full refund ($45). If a participant must cancel, that participant should immediately notify MHTP’s Registrar. If a participant cancels more than 1 week in advance, a full refund will be given. If a participant cancels less than 1 week in advance, no refund will be given, as last-minute cancellations could make the number of participants too small for a webinar to be viable. “1 week” is defined literally; i.e., exactly seven days prior to the scheduled start of a webinar (e.g., for a webinar scheduled for 4PM Eastern on January 14, “1 week in advance” is 4PM Eastern on January 7). NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AN MHTP STUDENT OR CMP.