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Longy - MHTP Summer Institute Module 4: Etiquette & Independent Practicum | Profession of Music Practitioner

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This is part of the MHTP core curriculum. Modules 1, 2, and 3 must be completed before taking this Module. For more details, learn more about registering for classes.

This is one of the residential modules at Longy School of Music as part of the Longy - MHTP Summer Institute. Modules 3 and 4 are offered one immediately after the other, with Modules 1 and 2 offered together earlier in June. For information about where to stay, please contact the Area Coordinator, Aline Benoit, CMP:


A Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) working in healthcare facilities must have some basic medical knowledge and must understand how to conduct themselves in clinical situations. This class gives an overview of appropriate deportment and etiquette in various healthcare settings. MHTP students arrange their own Independent Practicum settings. This class presents detailed information on contacting approved types of healthcare facilities, preparing for interviews, following up, and completing the 45-hour Independent Practicum. Role-playing is a vital component of this module; all students are expected to participate fully in role-play situations at their own level of musical skill.


The profession of Certified Music Practitioner is relatively new. CMPs need to be able to clearly explain to healthcare organizations what services a CMP provides. This class gives instruction on marketing and obtaining a CMP position. It presents promotional strategies and sample documents to use in setting up a practice as a CMP.  Role-play is used to help students learn how to contact healthcare facilities. 


Students are required to view the Nick Jacobs video The Future of Healthcare➚. And, as always, keep up with your reading. Read any two books from the Module 4 list in the Student Handbook.


A student must register for each Module at least one month in advance of the Module date. There is a $30 late fee for registrations and tuition payments after the one month deadline, except for first-time registrations. Please also note that MHTP classes are limited to 15 students so that our Teachers can best serve our students. Submitting an application well in advance of the scheduled Modules will ensure your place in the program.

Questions about registering for Longy - MHTP Summer Institute Module 4 in Boston, MA? Contact the Area Coordinator:
Aline Benoit, CMP