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Module 1: Patient Assessment for Live Therapeutic Music | Injury Prevention

  • St. Joseph's Hospital Tampa, FL (map)

This is part of the MHTP core curriculum. You must first be accepted as a student in order to register for this Module. Learn more about applying to MHTP.

Patient Assessment for Live Therapeutic Music (11 hours)

Different styles, keys, modes, and moods of music elicit various responses in patients. The Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) must be able to choose appropriate music based on a patient’s condition and to observe the music’s effects. CMPs must be able to change the music according to a patient’s immediate needs. Instruction, discussion, demonstration, and practice are given for appropriately matching patient conditions to suggested types of music. Students are expected to participate fully in class exercises based on their own level of skill.

Injury Prevention for Music Practitioners (4 hours)

Because prolonged singing or playing of musical instruments/use of voice can lead to chronic physical discomfort and injury, this class is designed to educate students in the pitfalls of poor postural, technical, and stressful uses of an instrument or voice. Included are explanations of neutral posture and relaxation techniques to prevent potential problems. Vocalists are addressed in terms of posture and stress-free tonal production. 

Pre-work for Module 1

Prepare to play/sing a few tunes that you think are good examples of therapeutic music. Don't be nervous; everyone is just learning! If you have time, go ahead and read any two books from the Module 1 list in the Student Handbook. If this is your first module, then you will be contacted by your advisor to be welcomed to the program and given additional information to prepare.

Important considerations for module registration

Students must register for each module at least one month in advance of the Module date. There is a $30 late fee for registrations and tuition payments after the one month deadline, except for first-time registrations. Please also note that MHTP classes are limited to 15 students so that our Teachers can best serve our students. Submitting an application well in advance of the scheduled modules will ensure your place in the program.

Questions about the Summer Camp? Contact the Area Coordinator:

Tampa, Florida

Robin Hill