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Module 3: Paradigms of Healing & Music, Sound and Healing

This is part of the MHTP core curriculum. You must first be accepted as a student in order to register for this Module. Learn more about applying to MHTP.


This class is the exploration and experience of the basic physics of sound and music, its effect upon the human body, the anatomy and physiology of the human perception of sound, and multi-cultural approaches to the use of music for healing the human being. Students will learn historical uses of music as a healing art, review the basic elements of music, and how these elements can be used for healing body, mind, and spirit.


This class is an exploration of the scope of practice, methods, and attitudes of both complementary and conventional medical paradigms that CMPs are likely to encounter as they interact with their patients. Students will understand how practice as a therapeutic musician fits into the wide spectrum of the healing arts. Students will learn how to understand and how to find current music research to form a logical and persuasive justification for this work. Students will also understand how the Certified Music Practitioner can support and enhance healing in our conventional medical system.


Before taking Module 3, students must watch The Mystery of Chi and complete a review quiz, which should be brought to class. Read any two books from the Module 3 list in the Student Handbook. If this is your first module, then you will also be contacted by your advisor to be welcomed to the program and given additional information to prepare.


A student must register for each Module at least one month in advance of the Module date. There is a $30 late fee for registrations and tuition payments after the one month deadline, except for first-time registrations. Please also note that MHTP classes are limited to 15 students so that our Teachers can best serve our students. Submitting an application well in advance of the scheduled Modules will ensure your place in the program.

Questions about registering for Module 3 in Portland, OR? Contact the Area Coordinator:

Portland, Oregon

Joanne Arnst