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This represents a single tuition payment according to the Tuition Payment Agreement (PDF) that you filled out after you were accepted.  Select the payment plan that corresponds with your Tuition Payment Agreement below.

If you have not yet applied to become a student, please go to the student application.

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Your module registration form and payment, if payment is due, must be received by MHTP at least 30 days prior to each module. A $30 late fee will be charged for module registrations received after that deadline. First-time registrants are exempt from the late fee. 

The application, letters of recommendation and application fee must be received and processed before the first module registration can be accepted by MHTP. 

Tuition payments must be current as agreed in the Tuition Payment Agreement (PDF) before attending any module. See the MHTP Student Handbook for more details on MHTP tuition policies. 

If you are applying a discount from the receipt of a scholarship or from a module-specific tuition deduction, we apologize that the website cannot accept online payment for that reduced cost at this time. Please provide your payment by mail by completing the Module Registration Form (PDF)

Class locations and dates at a site are very occasionally subject to change; check with the Area Coordinator for details before registering. 

You must bring your instrument to all classes in order to participate in the class. 

Please note that the Five Modules may not be completed in less than 7 consecutive months to allow for optimum learning.