To demonstrate that CMPs are continuing to grow and stay current with advances and new knowledge in the profession of therapeutic musician, MHTP has a rigorous but flexible requirement for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  

As of January 1, 2015, all CMPs graduating before 2015 are required to maintain 40 hours of approved CEUs every four years from their graduation year to be recognized publicly as a CMP on the MHTP website.  Graduates after January 1, 2016 must complete CEUs to maintain certification.nSee the details in the MHTP CEU Policy (PDF).

Options for Acquiring CEUs

CMPs can earn CEUs in several flexible and easily-accessible ways, including: 

Up to 20 CEUs per four-year period may be earned in an individual activity, such as book reports or music lessons. The remaining 20 CEUs must be earned by attending group activities such as in-services, workshops, and appropriate conferences.  Included in this “group” category are MHTP Biennial Conference CDs. No more than 20 CEUs are accepted for any one activity in a four-year period.

A CEU is earned based on “seat hours” as defined or assigned by the in-service, workshop, or conference organization offering the activity, or is assigned by MHTP to an activity (e.g., book reports, music lessons, conference CDs, etc.).  For example, a CMP can listen to CDs from a prior MHTP conference and earn CEUs after completing a short written quiz on each presentation.

Details and Forms for CEUs

Additional details and forms needed to receive CEUs are given in the following documents: 

Submitting Completed CEUs

Earned CEUs are submitted to MHTP as a whole once every four years when all 40 hours are completed, with a $50 Filing Fee and all completed forms for each type of CEU.  Partial documentation will not be accepted or kept on file.  Submitted CEUs must be summarized in the Earned CEU Summary  (PDF) and have all supporting documents included.

Acknowledgement of CEU Completion

When MHTP receives complete documentation and Filing Fee and approves the CEUs, MHTP will send a CEU Completion Certificate to the CMP for the requested four-year period.  The CMP’s CEU completion status will be added to or updated on the CMP Directory.