All MHTP teachers are Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs) and highly-trained specialists in their field, passionate about teaching the art and science of therapeutic music.  Many have both medical and musical education and experience, which they combine in their MHTP teaching.  As CMPs, they each have an active independent therapeutic music practice in their home locations.  Each teacher has been rigorously qualified by MHTP to teach one or more specific modules, via extensive module observation and team-teaching with one or more veteran MHTP faculty members.  All Module 5 faculty have medical credentials.

MODULE 1:  Patient assessment for live therapeutic music & Injury prevention for music practitioners

Melinda Gardiner, CMP, RN,  has an extensive background in Integrative Healing modalities and has been teaching in the field since 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts.  She taught Therapeutic Touch and other holistic therapeutic modalities at Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, New York, from 1985 to 1995.  Melinda has conducted workshops and retreats in integrating spirituality and music since 1994 and has taught for MHTP since 1997.  She graduated from MHTP in 1998 and since then has worked as a CMP in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices.  She was President of the Board from Fall 1998 and Executive Director of MHTP from 2004 to Spring, 2017.

Kris Snyder, CMP, BA, is a fourth generation harper with over 45 years of musical experience, including more than 28 years with the harp.  She owns five harps, including her great-grandmother’s Clark harp.  Kris has an education background and was a corporate training specialist for over 10 years before pursuing harp full-time.  She became a CMP in 1999 and works at a progressive care community as well as with a local hospice.  She has taught for MHTP since 2009, and currently is Vice President.  She also has a private harp teaching studio in Glenville, Pennsylvania, is the director for The Muses, and has multiple recordings.

MODULE 2:  Music as a language

Elizabeth Proett, CMP

Matt Peroutka, CMP

Catherine Maglaras, CMP, MS, is a veteran music educator for Baltimore County Public Schools, with a BS and MS in Music Education from Towson University.  She currently teaches for the Howard County Public School System. As a CMP since 2006, Cathy provides therapeutic music at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  As an experienced violin, viola, Celtic harp, and piano teacher, Cathy maintains a private studio and she performs professionally in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.  Cathy has taught for MHTP since 2008.

MODULE 3:  Music, Sound, and Healing & PARADIGMS OF HEALING

Melinda Gardiner, CMP, RN, (see Module 1 faculty).

Carol Spears, CMP, MS, has taught college-level courses in the biological sciences, and for 28 years worked as an educator and trainer for the National Park Service.  Carol is a Reiki Master and teacher, and also has taught meditation techniques and Reiki since 2000 in her private practice and for local hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic.  Since graduating from MHTP in 2002, she has worked extensively as a CMP and currently is President of MHTP’s Board of Directors.  Since 2005, Carol’s experiences as a science teacher and as a practitioner of several complementary healing modalities have combined in her teaching of Module 3.

MODULE 4:  Etiquette and Independent practicum & Profession of Music Practitioner

Martha Lewis, CMP, MA, MTS, BA, CET, CMT, was the co-founder and first Executive Director of MHTP. Besides teaching for MHTP since 1995, she teaches and facilitates expressive therapy workshops at Shalom Center, Spendora, TX, and is a trainer for Safeguarding God's Children, an Episcopal child-abuse prevention training required for all working with children/youth.  Martha’s past teaching credentials include masters-level classes in music, spirituality, and the arts as adjunct professor at Holy Names College Sophia Center, Oakland, California, as well as teaching and facilitating expressive therapy, spirituality, and the arts at conferences and churches throughout the country.  Martha graduated from MHTP in 1997 and has taught all MHTP modules except Module 5.

Kris Snyder, CMP, BA, (see Module 1 faculty).

MODULE 5:  Care of the Dying, ALTERATIONS IN HEALTH, & Independent practicum

JanieWoods Alexander, CMP, MSN, BSN, has been an RN since 1969.  Educated at Duke University, she has practiced and taught in pulmonary and cardiac critical care and other areas of nursing.  In the mid-1990s, through post-masters’ nursing courses, she became interested in complementary care in medicine, simultaneously starting to play flute, and several years later the harp.  She became a CMP in 2009 and was first employed in hospice. She works currently in multiple areas of Emory Healthcare, including ICU, ER, nursery, cancer treatment, and pre- and post-op care.  She has taught for MHTP since 2012.

Carol Joy Loeb, CMP, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, has been a Registered Nurse since 1975 and a CMP since 2004.  As a clinical nurse, she has specialized in emergency medicine and critical care.  Carol Joy’s experience as a CMP has taken her to hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, and to individual patient homes.  She presently works as a CMP and Board Certified Holistic Nurse on the Integrative Care Team at The University of Maryland Medical Center and the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center / University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.  Carol served as a Director of MHTP for several years.  Since 2007, she has combined her experience as an RN and a CMP in the classroom when teaching Module 5.

Sandra Lumpkin-Embry, CMP, MS., CCC,  a native of Texas, has lived in Maryland since 1973.  Sandra had a hospital based private practice that was limited to the diagnosis and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders.  In addition to her clinical practice  she published articles in professional journals and  presented original research at local, national, and international conferences. She has been an Adjunct Faculty member at two Universities. Since retiring from her private practice she has devoted more time to training and evaluating therapy dogs and she volunteers at a hospice weekly with one of her canines.  She has been a CMP since 2009 and loves meeting the students that attend Module 5.

Bonita (Bonnie) Wood, CMP, RN, BMus, has been an RN since 1975 and a CMP since 2003.  As an RN, she worked in the areas of Intensive Coronary Care, Post Anesthesia Care and the Operating Room.  Bonnie has a dual love of music and medicine since she was a child and has always sensed a connection between the two.  She studied classical piano growing up, went to Nursing School and later earned a Bachelor of Music degree.  After that, she learned to play the lever harp and discovered in MHTP a formal way to integrate music into medical settings.  She is currently working as a CMP at The George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC in the areas of ICU, ER, Med/Surg, Oncology, PACU, Rehab, L&D, Mother/Baby, Psych, and Surgical Waiting.