MHTP Continuing Education

MHTP initiated a Continuing Education Program for our graduates in 2006. At the 2013 Annual Meeting, the MHTP Board of Directors made the decision that Continuing Education is now required to maintain the CMP Certificate.

Graduates of 2010 and earlier must be current by January 1, 2015 to be listed as a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)® on the MHTP website.

The requirement remains the same, with the same flexible possibilities: 40 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every four years to demonstrate that CMPs are continuing to grow and are staying current with the advances and new knowledge in our profession. Completion of the CEUs for each four year period is recorded and recognized on the MHTP website graduate listing with the completion date of the next renewal period.

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Continuing Education Forms
CEU Verification Form for Music Lessons Earned CEU Summary
Module Curriculum Update Certificate of Completion Certificate of Completion of CEUs For Non-MHTP sponsored workshops
Book Report Certificate Application for Adding an Instrument to certification

Continuing Education Policy Summary
  1. CEU Completion dates

    MHTP encourages graduates to complete 40 CEU every four years. After January 1, 2007, dates of completion of CEUs will be based on graduation date, excluding graduates prior to January 1, 2007. For all graduates prior to 2007, the first 4-year CEU completion date is December 31, 2011, and any CEUs earned during 2006 may be applied to the 2011 requirement. Examples: If a student graduates in 2007, the CEU Completion date is December 31, 2011. If a student graduates in 2008, the CEU requirement is due by December 31, 2012.

  2. Defining Continuing Education Units (CEU)

    A CEU is based on “seat hours” as defined or assigned by the in-service, workshop or Conference organization, or assigned by MHTP to each activity (such as book-reports, music lesson, Conference CDs).

  3. Types of CEUs accepted by MHTP

    MHTP will accept up to 20 CEUs per 4-year period earned in individual activity, such as book reports and music lessons. The remaining 20 CEUs must be earned by attending group activities such as in-services, workshops and Conferences. Included in this “group” category are MHTP Biennial Conference CDs. No more than 20 CEUs will be accepted from any one activity. For example, if a graduate completes another training program or degree related to CMP work, only 20 CEUs will be accepted by MHTP in the 4 year period in which the training was completed.

  4. CEU Options

    1. MHTP Biennial Conference

      Each MHTP Biennial Conference will award 20 CEUs. Graduates prior to January 1, 2007 may include the 2006 MHTP Biennial Conference in South Euclid, OH if they attended it. Therefore, graduate may complete the 4 year CEU requirement by attending 2 Biennial Conferences.

    2. MHTP Conference CDs

      Beginning in 2004, Biennial Conference sessions were recorded. If a graduate did not attend the 2004 and/or 2006 Conferences, listening to the 2004 and/or 2006 Conference CDs and answering the short quiz for each set offers related CEUs. (5 CEUs for 2006, 9 CEUs for 2004)
      To request a 2006 Conference Session CDs and/or to request a quiz.

    3. MHTP Enrichment Days/Workshops

      Regional MHTP Enrichment workshops, Days and Weekends will offer the appropriate number of CEUs.

    4. MHTP Approved Book Reviews

      Please see the Book Report Submission guidelines for a full description of the requirements. The books are to be chosen from the Book List on the MHTP website. Each book report must be submitted to a reviewer with a review fee of $10. The book reviewer will acknowledge the satisfactory completion of the book review with a Certificate of Completion. Contact to be assigned a book reviewer.

    5. Music Lessons on MHTP Principles

      Please see the Verification Form for Music Lessons for a full description of the requirements. Please Note: CEUs awarded for Book Reviews and Music Lessons are limited to 20 CEUs per 4-year CEU period.

    6. MHTP Modules Retakes

      Graduates may retake Modules or parts of Modules to stay current with advances and changes in the MHTP curriculum as long as there is space at the site chosen. Modules may be re-taken for all 40 CEUs. Check with the MHTP Module Registrar at Cost is ½ the listed class price.

    7. MHTP Sponsored Training or Hospital, Hospice and Nursing Home In-Services

      Non-MHTP in-services, Conferences, trainings and workshops will be accepted if the content does not duplicate MHTP curriculum content and the content is directly related to the graduate’s work as a CMP. A description of training objectives and a CEU certificate identifying number of seat hours provided by the sponsoring organization must be provided or a signed MHTP generic certificate.

    8. CEUs for adding an Instrument to your Certification

      CMPs may add an instrument to his or her prior Certificate of Graduation and earn 15 MHTP CEUs. This allows the CMP to be recognized for increasing their proficiency and enhancing the types of services he or she offers to patients.

  5. Submitting Completed CEUs

    CEUs are submitted to MHTP as a unit once every four years when the 40 hours are completed, with a $50 filing fee and the appropriate required forms of each type of Continuing Education completed. Partial documentation will not be accepted or kept on file. See the top of this page for all the forms. The documentation submitted must include the MHTP CEU Summary form with all supporting documents attached.

  6. Acknowledgement of CEU Completion

    When MHTP receives the completed documentation and filing fee and approves the CEUs, MHTP will send a CEU Completion Certificate to the graduate for that 4-year period and will add the graduate’s CEU completion status to the MHTP Graduate Listing on the website.