The data that we collect helps healthcare administrators understand the value in providing paid work opportunities for CMPs.

2019 CMP Employment Survey

The 2019 survey on how CMPs are employed has closed. Results will be published here before the end of the year.


In 2016, MHTP's Board of Directors requested that we conduct a survey concerning the current state of employment for Certified Music Practitioners.  

This survey looked at demographics, types of practice, reimbursement rates, sources of funding for our work, and how healthcare changes have affected our prospective opportunities.  

Recommendations were made to the Board on how MHTP can best support CMPs in the employment market, both within our Module training and after certification.  

We encourage you to review the report.  Please see the end of the report for the summary Discussion. Read the 2016 CMP employment survey results (PDF).

We welcome your insights! Contact MHTP with thoughts or questions.