Melinda Gardiner, CMP, RN – MHTP Executive Director, is a Registered Nurse and, since 1998, a CMP, with an extensive background in alternative healing modalities.  She was a hospice nurse and a teacher of Therapeutic Touch, trained by Delores Krieger, RN, PhD and Dora Kunz.  Additionally, she is a harper, singer, liturgical musician, and retreat leader.  Prior to becoming Executive Director of MHTP in 2004, Melinda was a Community Health Nurse at Camphill Village, Inc., an Anthroposophical community for disabled adults in Copake, New York.  Melinda has been a teacher for MHTP since 1997.

Our MHTP Founders

Laurie Riley is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist and professional musician.  She has training as a nurse's aide and extensive experience in medical settings.  She began her work in therapeutic bedside music in 1991.  In March 1994, Laurie co-founded the Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc. with Martha Lewis.  Laurie’s vision for bedside music was not limited to the harp and she imagined therapeutic musicians in many different kinds of medical settings.  She continues to support the work and training of therapeutic musicians, and performs, records, and also writes instructional materials.  Laurie is a popular teacher and keynote speaker.

 Martha Lewis left the corporate world after many years to pursue her passion for the healing arts.  After completing an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy & Counseling and an MTS in Spirituality and the Arts, she co-founded the Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc. with Laurie Riley in 1994. Martha was the first President and Executive Director of MHTP and remained an MHTP Director until 2002.  She has taught for MHTP since 1995.  She also teaches and facilitates expressive therapy workshops at the Shalom Center, Splendora, Texas, and coordinates special needs ministries for Episcopal churches in the Texas Diocese.

Founding directors who incorporated MHTP in 1994:

  • Laurie Riley
  • Martha Lewis
  • Mary Radspinner
  • Maryann Schulz