About the MHTP Logo

About the MHTP Logo:

The logo combines objects which can be universally recognized: a doorway and path, the moon and star, a harp and heart.

The harp is situated in the middle of the doorway and path. The door opens to the path, and the harp sits in service to the traveler. The shape of the harp suggests a heart, signifying the link of the music with the intention of the human player. The music is the link to the beyond the star; the moon incorporated into the harp/heart signifies earth and our humanity.

The door and path are dark, indicating the darkness and doubt of the healing process, whether the healing is from disease or depression, or the final healing transition of death. The heart and harp symbolize the human instruments of healing. The moon and star represent healing also: both are of the light. The moon is connected to earth (harp/heart) and represents healing from disease back to life here in time. The star is separate, symbolizing the ultimate healing of death, which takes us to life beyond eternity.

Written by Maryann Schultz, creator of the MHTP logo.